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1. No requests please unless I make a post saying that I am excepting them
2. IF I make a request post please fill out the request form below and post it as a comment to that entry.
3. Please give proper credit. Information on how to credit can be found below
4. Always comment on the entry which graphics you are taking
5. NO hotlinking. Always upload things to your own server. Don't know how? Read below in "helpful stuff".
6. Please do not post anything here other the requests (when asked for). If you would like to post your graphics here e-mail me and I will get back to you ASAP.

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*If you are interested in becoming and affiliate please comment Here

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1.How to credit: For icons put “crystalicons” in the keywords. For all other graphics you must put this (lj comm=crystalicons) in your user info. crediting the graphics I made. Make sure to change the ( ) to < > when posting or it wont work properly.

2.LJ cut- Place (lj-cut) before the part you are placing under the cut and put, (/lj-cut) at the end of the part you want cut. Replace the ( ) w/ these: < > when posting.

3.Standard icon size is 100x100 and the size for backgrounds depends on your screen resolution. E-mail me for further instructions for BG sizes if you need to. FO banners I can guess the size if you don’t know a specific one…same w/ most other graphics.

4. Hotlinking- hotlinking is copy and pasting my URL for the graphic and using that as the link for your graphic.

5. Uploading to your own server- to prevent hotlinking save the graphic to your computer and then upload it on an image hosting site. Photobucket is a popular image hosting site.

6. Feel free to e-mail me at Crystalicons@hotmail.com for further help or just comment :)

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*Please no animated requests*
1.I want a: (ex. Icon, Banner, Background, Info. Dividers)
2.Size of graphic: *VERY IMPORTAINT*
3.Background color:
4.Picture: (provide a link please)
7.Font color:
8.Color or Black and white:
10.Where will the graphic be used:
11.Anything else I need to know: (examples can be posted here)

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Credits for brushes I use:
+Truly Sara
+fxxck for blending tutorial
*specific users
*I may have brushes from other ppl posted a while ago from this community, if you see them and they belong to you please comment to I can credit you.
+Lime-light.org for photos

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com